Results of LogIQids Logical Reasoning Exam 2017-18 Stage 1 will be published by mid January.


I am a day of the week. If I come five times in the month of September, then I will also come five times in the month of December. Which day of the week am I?

(a) Monday                      (b) Sunday                  (c) Thursday                       (d) I could be any day of the week

13, Jun, 2017


The way to do this is calculate the number of days between 1st September to 1st December. Number of days =91 (29+31+30+1)

Now each week has 7 days and since the difference between 1st September and 1st December is a multiple of 7. So 1st September and 1st December will always be the same day. (Example if 1st September is a Monday, then 1st December is also a Monday). Therefore the calendars of September and December are always identical except that December has 31 days and September has 30 days. So if any day comes 5 times in September, it will also come 5 times in December. So it could be any day of the week.

Three statements made by three people are as follows :
A: Either Congress or AAP will win the elections.
B: Congress will win the elections.
C: Neither Congress nor AAP will win the elections.
If only one out of these three statements is wrong, who wins the election?

A.  AAP         B. Congress            C. BJP            D. None of These


13, Feb, 2017


If AAP wins the elections, then statement 2 and statement 3 will be wrong, but the question says only 1 statement is wrong, so AAP did not win the elections.
If Congress wins the elections,then only statement 3 would be wrong, which satisfies the condition given in the question. Hence the correct answer is Option B

Ten years ago the sum of ages of 6 members of a family was 220. After two years, a member died at an age of 60 and a new child is born. What is the sum of ages of the members now?

06, Feb, 2017


The sum of ages at 8 years before the present day would have been 220+12-60. The sum of ages today is (220+12-60)+8X6=220 years

Which two matchsticks should be moved to make the equation true ? (Please note that you will be able to make more than one equation by moving 2 matchsticks  )

01, Feb, 2017


There are three cases possible : 


Three boys ‘A’ , ‘B’ , ‘C’ and three girls ‘X’ , ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ play tennis. A team of two boys and two girls have to be selected for state Championship. Only one of ‘C’ and ‘X’ can be selected. ‘A’ will be part of the team only if ‘Y’ is selected , then How many possible teams can be made ?

23, Jan, 2017


Suppose C is selected. Then, X will not be in team. So, remaining two girls Y and Z will be in team. Now, from B and A, we can select one boy. This will give two possible teams. Suppose C is not selected. Then, remaining two boys, A and B will be selected. Since, A is in team, Y must be in team. Now, from X and Z, we can select one girl. This will give two possible teams. Hence, 4 teams are possible.

Three weather reporters made the following 3 statements.
A: Today, either rain or hailstorm would take place.
B : It will definitely not rain today. 
C: It will neither be sunny nor there would be a hailstorm today. 
Considering that only four weather conditions are possible : Rain, Hailstorm, Sunny, Humid. What was the weather today if only one reporter's statement was found to be true ?

A. Rainy                B. Humid              C. Sunny                 D. Hailstorm

09, Jan, 2017


Suppose it rains today, then both A and C's statements would hold true.
If there is a hailstorm, then both A and B's statements would hold true.
Suppose C's statement is correct, then B's statement should also hold true which contradicts the fact only one of the reporter's statement is correct. 
Hence reporter B's statement should be correct.
So, it should not rain today, neither should hailstorm take place as now reporter A's statement would be false. 
Also to prove reporter C's statement was wrong, the weather should either be sunny or a hailstorm should take place. 
So the weather should be sunny. Hence the correct answer is option (C).

Remove 3 matchsticks to leave 3 squares of equal size.

02, Jan, 2017


Remove f , o & n matchsticks .


Ashish, Hrithik and Rahul had some money. 
On the first day, Ashish gave money to Hrithik and Rahul as much as they already had.  On the second day, Hrithik gave as much money to Ashish and Rahul as they possessed at that time.  On the third day Rahul did the same thing as well. 

After these 3 days, it was observed that all three of them had  the same amount of money, then who had more money in the beginning ?

26, Dec, 2016


Clearly Ashish had more money in the beginning than the other two as if anybody else had more money than him, he would not be able to give them as much amount of money as they already had. Hence the correct answer is option (B).</p>

Which 2 matchsticks labelled with alphabets from 'a' to 'p'  should be removed to make this equation correct  ?

21, Dec, 2016


Remove 'c' and 'n' matchsticks to make equation correct.


Sharukh tells the truth only before 12 noon while lies after 12 noon . Salman lies before 12 noon while tells truth after 12 noon. One day A says that B is Sharukh. If both A and B are one of  Sharukh or Salman, then who is A and what time is it? Pre 12 or Post 12 ?


12, Dec, 2016


If A is Sharukh, B is Salman
Before 12 noon: B is Sharukh = Lies. Therefore Not Possible
After 12 noon: B is Sharukh = Lies. Possible

If B is Sharukh, then A is Salman
Before 12 noon: B is Sharukh = Truth. Therefore Not Possible
After 12 noon: B is Sharukh = Truth. Possible

Therefore the time is After 12 Noon. But not possible to determine whether it is Shahrukh or Salman