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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LogiQids?

LogIQids is a first of its kind customized tool to enhance the Logical Reasoning skills in kids in the most structured way possible. Logical reasoning is a very important skill-set which is not taught in school. With LogIQids we provide a structured and personalized way to develop this skill in school going children.

Children from which age group can subscribe to LogiQids?

LogIQids is designed for school going children from grade Sr KG to grade 9.

Do I need a computer and an Internet Connection to use LogiQids?

You will need an internet connection to use LogIQids. You can use LogIQids on a computer or a tablet.

If I face any problem while using LogIQids, how can I get it resolved?

You can directly contact us in case you face any issues. You can email us at or call/whatsapp us on 9619619361

What are your terms of service?

Please visit for our terms of service.

How do I update my information on LogiQids?

It is easy to update your information on LogIQids any time by clicking on "My Accounts" which allows you to: manage/edit your personal data like address, phone numbers, email id and change your password.

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