Why Should We Spend Quality Time With Our Kids?

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“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend,” said Theophrastus and we absolutely agree! In today’s age when we are running around handling our work life, the household and making sure our children get the best education and learning possible, we are running short of time. Each moment is valuable to us. In this rush, we often neglect the importance of one-on-one quality time with family. It can become difficult for the whole family to get together and spend time with each other as a single unit. However, we must understand the importance of spending quality time with our kids. If time is money, it is best spent on loving and caring for our children. They are growing up and each day gone by is another we will not get back. We must cherish this time and make sure we find the time to be with them, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

While learning, work and education are all important tasks, there are some things which a child learns and feels only by spending time with parents. We must make sure that no matter how busy we get, we do not deprive our child of these special benefits. Let’s take a look at why spending time with kids is super important –

First of all, when we spend time with our kids we make them feel special. We make them feel loved and cared for. It shows that we want to know what’s happening in our child’s life and are concerned and interested in all the things they do. This helps in developing a strong bond, which will definitely be quite useful once our children move on to become teenagers – when it’s even more important for parents to be friends first with their kids.

Secondly, this also helps us to teach them good behaviour. They observe us walk and talk and make note of the things we do. Our kids imbibe our lifestyle and way of living. Whatever way we behave when we are with them, how we address others, respect, manners, etc can be learned when they are around us and watching us. So it’s important to ensure we are also on our best behaviour in front of our kids to teach them the best of things.

Often, we may feel like we know our children in and out but there are things we might not be aware of that are bothering them. In such instances, being close and spending time together can often help children to open up and share repressed feelings. Through communication and bonding, we undo the negative marks the world might leave on our child’s ideology – any negative comment, criticism, wrong thoughts, etc. In fact, it also helps us to calm down and get through the stress of daily life when we laugh, smile and enjoy with them. These fond memories will be the support they have in times of need.

So make sure you spend at least an hour everyday bonding with your kids. There are many ways in which you can make a little time completely worthwhile. We’ll be sharing some of our tried and tested ones in the #ParentingThursday post. Do you spend quality time with your child? Tell us how and we’ll share the best tips on our blog!

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