The Story of an Ambitious Boy – Dev Mehta

Dev Mehta is a special child. He is not only brilliant academically, but also gifted with a unique way of thinking. Born with a health issue (heart problem) which has hampered his physical activities, he has always kept himself in high spirits and is a self-motivated boy. Standing against all odds with a calm and composed mind, Dev has found solace among the planets and stars, in nature and mother earth. While other children went to play, Dev devoted his time to books. He makes the most of libraries, devouring many books on wildlife, animals, spirituality, economics, space and astronomy. His huge collection of books is a testimony to his thirst for knowledge. “A good leader must be a good reader”, says Dev.

Wandering through these unique universes, he developed a broad perspective of the world. This ignited his big dream – to become an astronaut. When he was in Grade 3 he was interviewed by a newspaper about his dreams and vision. There he stated that he wants to be an astronaut and constantly strives to learn more about the universe, space, and astronomy.
Recently he has won the Kalpana Chawla National Scholarship Exam organized at Pan-India Level receiving a paid trip to NASA, USA.

A walking library of information, Dev can talk for hours about the Universe and Nature. He loves the adaption skill that nature has given to all forms of life and environment. His knowledge is reflected in his accolades. Winning the 
First Prizes at Saevus Nature Quiz (City Level) and Suru Planet Competition have been the highlight of his academic relation with nature. He is also a Homi Bhabha Exam Level 1 Merit Ranker.

When he was in 5th Grade he wrote an article on how we can make our country “Great India”. The depth of his ideas at such a young age has truly surprised us.

Artificial Intelligence and Economics are also his areas of interest. He gets thrilled talking about the Artificial Insulin Tanks with a sensor placed in the body that can solve sugar problem and Artificial kidneys that may transform the medical sector. He has started taking baby steps to understand Financial Markets as well.

Dev is currently studying in Children’s Academy, Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East. He is planning his trip to NASA and preparing for the National Level of the Suru’s Planet Competition.

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