The Two Pebbles ~ A Story on Creative Thinking

It is story time with LogIQids! Sharing an interesting story with a moral – The two Pebbles is the story of a young girl and how she uses her creative thinking to get out of a tough situation with the best possible result.

8 Ways to Boost Your Child’s IQ

Intelligence is one of the parameters which is used to determine the kind of success a person will have in life. We all want our children to be intelligent and have a high IQ. However, intelligence is of multiple types – 8 to be specific. To hone our IQ we need to develop all these types of intelligence. Let’s look at the various which through which you can do this.

5 Reasons Why Children Must A Learn Foreign Language

We often come cacross language learning suggestions for kids and wonder why should they learn another language? What is the long-term benefit? How will it help my child in life? We take this opportunity to introduce you to the benefits that you children shall reap on being multilingual.