“I always thought one day people will read my book” – The story of India’s youngest author

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Young and ambitious, 10-year-old Ayaan Kapadia has always been an avid reader. He has a mini-library at home full of magic, adventure and fantasy tales such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the works of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. What started as a school assignment, ended up becoming Ayaan’s first published book, winning him the titles of the
‘Youngest Author in India’ by the Indian Achiever Book of Records and ‘A Book Written By A Child in Shortest Period’ by India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records.

Ayaan's Debut Novel Maverik’s Marvelous Adventure, Ayaan’s debut book is about a young magician and his adventures. All characters are inspired by the people in Ayaan’s life and aims at imparting moral lessons. The book has received critical acclaim from Shamim Padamsee, the renowned author in children’s literature. Ms.Padamsee says, “Ayaan is a talented budding writer with a great imagination and an easy-flowing style of writing.”

Born on 23rd April, Ayaan shares his birthday with William Shakespeare and considers it an immense motivation for his writing journey. Since a young age, he has been writing poetry and has won many competitions such as the Bright Sparks writing competition, and has had his poem featured in the  Robin Age children’s newspaper. Passionate about the English Language, he has participated and secured the 1st rank in the International English Olympiad. Talking about his dreams, Ayaan says, “I was always wanting to be a writer because I love reading books and I always think one day people will read my book too.”

The story doesn’t end here, our Rising Star has his eyes on bigger prizes. “I always wanted to become an author, but cricket is also what I’m passionate about and I would love to play cricket for an Indian team.” says the young author. A part of the school sports team, he has won many accolades. Not only that, he is also a passionate singer, having performed in various stage shows with his Guru.

Keyuri Kapadia, Ayaan’s mother, describes him as a proactive and curious child. “Curiosity is indeed the mother of learning and invention. I hope Ayaan’s curiosity helps him question himself and others and learn about the nuances of life.” Coming from a business and banking background, Ayaan’s parents may not be the designers of his writing journey but keep supporting him in all his endeavours. 

Ayaan is currently studying in Grade 5, JBCN International School, Parel. In his free time, he enjoys playing the mobile game – Clamour. He has finished writing the sequel and is awaiting publication of a combined version of both books. This book shall be available for sale and the proceeds shall be given to charity – an ardent advocate of children’s rights, Ayaan wants to support underprivileged children with the earnings.

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