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8 Ways to Boost Your Child’s IQ

Intelligence is one of the parameters which is used to determine the kind of success a person will have in life. We all want our children to be intelligent and have a high IQ. However, intelligence is of multiple types – 8 to be specific. To hone our IQ we need to develop all these types of intelligence. Let’s look at the various which through which you can do this.

5 Reasons Why Children Must A Learn Foreign Language

We often come cacross language learning suggestions for kids and wonder why should they learn another language? What is the long-term benefit? How will it help my child in life? We take this opportunity to introduce you to the benefits that you children shall reap on being multilingual.

Verbal Wednesday: Let’s Learn the Parts of Speech

Since English is one of the most dominant languages in the global scene, a good grasp of English Grammar and sentence structure will help one identify the exact meaning of a sentence and uses words in the correct manner as intended. Do you know the various parts of speech in English?

Why Should We Spend Quality Time With Our Kids?

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend,” said Theophrastus and we absolutely agree, especially when it comes to spending time with kids. We must make sure that no matter how busy we get, we spend quality time with our kids every day, every week. Let’s take a look at the benefits of indulging our kids.

5 Ways to Boost Creativity in Kids

Creativity is often dismissed as being an artist but it is beyond that. It is a good mix of imagination and mental aptitude as well. Creativity is the ability to think out of the box. It is very important for our kids to learn how to be creative from a very young age. Go ahead and make this a Fun Friday full of creative activities by using some of these tips.

Parenting Tips – Positive Language For children

We want to discipline our children and teach them the best of all manners. Adopting ‘Positive Parenting’ in our behaviour, actions, words and thoughts will teach children to be positive in the long run. It will reinforce good behaviour, honesty, and develop an open relationship between parents and children.

5 Ways To Teach Children The Importance of Money

Recently a lot of parents told us that they want to teach their children the value of money. Our kids are so used to having all their whims fulfilled that sometimes they do not learn why money is important and how is must be valued instead of being spent like water. Here are a few ways to teach this important value to your children.

30+ Productive Hobbies For Your Child’s Overall Development

We often wonder what kind of hobbies our children should engage in. What options are available? Read our list of mentally and physically boosting activities for your child which make for amazing hobbies in the long run!

5 Ways to Teach Positivity to Your Child

Positive thinking is an important skill for becoming happy, healthy and successful individuals. Teaching your child the tips and tricks to positivity from a young age will go a long way in their overall psychological development. Here are some tips for imbibing positivity in your kids!

Can Playing Games Improve Mental Aptitude?

Appropriate leisure time games can inculcate vital life skills, supplement classroom learning and teach a multitude of things to our kids. Playing the right kind of games for their age group and mental aptitude level can enhance a child’s skill set and accelerate the learning process. Should our children play games? Read to know!

How Embracing Your Child’s Inquisitiveness Can Do Wonders

Children love to learn and try out new things. Their eagerness to discover and constant inquisitiveness can seem daunting. However, as parents, it is very important that you nurture your child’s curiosity. You are their guide in this process. Nurturing their passion can lead to accelerated learning and mental development.