Arts and Academics – This Young Girl Excels at Both!

Artist, cook, avid reader, dancer and fashionista – just a few words which describe the little Paulomi Babre, our 7-years-old Rising Star! She has fascinated us with her immense potential for learning and grasping new things quickly. Her enthusiasm for arts and craft learning is unparalleled and the energy in this young one surprises us! Having attended multiple workshops and certifications – Umbrella Painting, Shoe Painting, T-Shirt Painting, Ganpati Idol making, Pottery, Puppet making, Rakhi designing, baking and learning Turkish with Clap Talk Workshop – to name a few, she has established her love for trying out new things!

From age two she has been learning general languages like English, Hindi, Tamil and Marathi, along with the art of ‘Lip Reading’ which she practised to understand her mother, who is hearing impaired. Now she can easily interpret people from 10 feet away without hearing them. The love for language and communication has developed a deep love for books – she has read a few hundred books already – something most adults don’t achieve in their lifetime.  She even participated in the ‘Reading Champ Challenge by Phonic World’. To complete this challenge Paulomi read 50 books in 45 days straight and was awarded for the same.

Last year, Paulomi walked the ramp for the Brand Kids Around at the India Kids Fashion Week held at The  Lalit during September 2017. This show was sponsored by Marc Jacobs and sparked the little artist’s inner fashionista propelling her into the learning of Fine Arts along with her current hobbies.

At the Camlin Drawing Competition, she stood 2nd at the Zonal Level, thus finding a platform to showcase her artistic side. A foodie at heart, she loves cooking organic, healthy food, made without the use of gas and fire. Her innovative style won her the title of ‘Best Little Chef’ by Recipe Dabba – the popular cooking class! If all this was not enough, Paulomi also knows how to swim and has been learning Bharatnatyam since she was 4 years old. Last month she participated in the Rain Run Marathon organized by Decathlon.

Paulomi's Books and AchievementsHowever, she does not let her many interests interfere with academics. Since nursery, she has always been a topper in school and continues to make time for her academics. So many artistic skills and a great academic track record – it’s lovely to see the young one working hard. We only hope for this holistic development to continue for little Paulomi as she grows and gets better at these diverse skills!

“Hard work leads to victory” is the Babre Family’s motto and is definitely reflected in Paulomi. The more we get to know her, the more things we learn about her continuous dedication to excelling at everything she does.

Priya Babre, Paulomi’s mother, quit her prestigious job in banking services to encourage and support her daughter. She devotes her time to Paulomi’s academic and non-academic development.

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