5 Ways to Boost Creativity in Kids

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Creativity is intelligence having fun ~ Albert Einstein

It is very important for our kids to learn how to be creative from a very young age. Creativity is often dismissed as being an artist but it is beyond that. It is a good mix of imagination and mental aptitude as well. Creativity is the ability to think out of the box. It is the ability to take what you have and what you know and make something better out of those things. In today’s age kids who are creative will lead the innovations and inventions of the future. Let’s see what our kids can do to start developing this skill from a young age:

Use Structured Exercises Designed For Creativity
Creativity thrives on structure. Certain activities and exercises when done repeatedly push the boundaries of imagination, they help kids to open up their thought processes and truly become creative. There are hundreds of exercises for you to try, eg. Story building – select 4 random words and create a story with them.

Maintain A Diary
Documenting and organizing your thoughts by journaling your best ideas certainly helps in sharpening the thinking process. Doing this consistently from a young age helps children to become more articulate with their thoughts and develops the habit of making note of good ideas.

Find Inspiration – Read Great Books, Watch Revered Movies, Listen to Stimulating Music, Go to Art Shows
It is often important to wander into unknown territories. Pick a good movie, choose a renowned author or a classic book to read, plug in those earphones and groove to some good music. It’s all about fishing for inspiration and creativity in everything they interact with. As a parent, you can introduce them to these inspirational pieces and follow them up with stimulating questions. For example, if they are reading a book, at certain point ask them what might happen next, why do they think X character did something, find questions from any book club to help you out – Google is a great resource.

Make the Most of Technology
There are many apps, games and systems designed to boost creativity in kids. While you may be afraid to limit your child’s screen time and access to these gadgets, a lot of them are designed for their benefit. It would be a good idea to let your children use these and see how they boost their creativity.

Give Freedom
Many parents force a lot of their ideals upon their children, that will never boost creativity. It is a good idea to allow your child to flourish and grow into who they are meant to become without being super-stringent. Our kids are fortunate to have more opportunities due to the technological revolution and we can offer them the freedom to choose their passion. This means we can offer them the freedom to hone their creativity right from a young age to an old one. Being creative is not restricted to drawing or painting, singing or dancing, being able to write….even a programmer with a new app is creative, a doctor with the solution to one of the world’s most threatening diseases is creative, a lawyer finding loopholes in the law is creative. Creativity is much more than what meets the eye and it is so important that we as parents give our children the freedom to be creative every day.

You will also notice that all our Rising Stars were achieving different things in life but they all centred around one thing – a creative mind. Creativity will bring great laurels to your child but most importantly, it will be a source of happiness. Kudos to parents taking the initiative to hone their child’s creative skills.

We could probably write 100’s of things to add to this but right now we’re sticking to these 5 very basic tips which parents can implement in their day-to-day life. So get some variety of creative supplies, a diary and download some good apps on your smartphone or tablet and give your kids full reign over their creative powers! Go ahead and make this a Fun Friday full of creative activities.

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