5 Reasons Why Your Child Must Have A Hobby

A major part of your child’s life is full of academics. However, all work and no play can make children dull. Therefore, hobbies become an integral part of a child’s personal growth and development. When they are young, our children are highly inclined towards learning and trying out new things. It is better to introduce them to a productive hobby and divert their attention away from TV shows and random video games, which do not help with mental or physical growth. A small amount of TV and video games is good but then there must always be a balance.

Here are 5 reasons why your child must take up a hobby from a young age:

1. Skill Development
A hobby is an opportunity to learn special skills and knowledge. It leads to the combined development of soft-skills and hard-skills, thus shaping your child’s overall personality. By learning a hobby, children get various avenues to explore their talents. The skills which are developed stay with them for their lifetime. Also, they get acquire concrete knowledge practically. Any amount of rote learning will not lead to the same level of comprehension.

2. Creativity
All hobbies are directly related to creative development. They give children an opportunity to use their imagination and do something new. There’s always room for development and innovation here. Children learn to think and visualize. Development of new perspectives, problem-solving skills, creative thinking and analytical skills takes place, leading to all around mental development.

3. Boosts Confidence
Children get a new platform to demonstrate their abilities and accomplish other things apart from academic achievements. The awareness, knowledge and capability to do something on their own builds a child’s self-esteem, self-image and confidence. They become more independent and driven. How they perceive themselves undergoes a transformation – leading to positivity.

4. Improves Patience and Concentration
To learn something new requires a lot of patience. To become an expert at it is a more formidable task. When children start engaging in a productive hobby and start working towards some level of mastery in it, they develop a lot of patience. Hobbies provide a platform for setting specific, small-term goals. The feasibility of achieving such goals allows children to become determined towards achieving those. Furthermore, a lot of concentrated effort is put in by the children into becoming skilled. This improves their concentration.

5. Productive Learning Opportunities for the Future
Since the skills developed with a hobby stay forever, it opens up multiple future opportunities for the children. In today’s world when there are ample career opportunities, hobbies can transform into full-fledged professions as well. Artists, singers, dancers, chefs, translators, sportsmen, there are numerous things to do. A short story writer can become a young author, an interest in building things can develop into a passion for robot building. Our Rising Stars are shining examples of making the most of their opportunities.

As a parent, you will have to expose your children to various hobbies. It will take time and effort, however, with concerted efforts, you can shape your child’s personality. Your child can balance both academics and hobbies if guided in the right manner. Keep your child active and engaged. Find a stimulating hobby for them now.

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