5 Reasons Why Children Must A Learn Foreign Language

Children are sponges for learning. Due to their innate ability to learn, they can absorb everything around them with ease. So after becoming well-versed in their mother tongue, they can start learning any language from the age of 7 or 8 years. In this period they can develop the ability to speak a new language without an accent.

But we often wonder why to learn a language? What is the long-term benefit? How will it help my child in life?

  1. Increased Cognitive Development
    The brain of bilingual and multilingual children develops more densely. They tend to have more grey matter which leads to improved cognitive abilities. These reflect in the form of enhanced creativity, better brain power, improved memory, better decision-making ability, augmented listening and problem-solving abilities. By boosting cognitive abilities, language learning also helps in developing the reasoning and logical thinking abilities of our children. Better IQ and mental aptitude are just some of the many perks of this hobby.
  2. Better Academic Performance
    Improved cognitive abilities are reflected in the academic performance of kids. Multilingual kids tend to perform better in exams based on reading and math skills. Children who have had exposure to language learning and are well-versed in a foreign language tend to score better in standardized tests such as the CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and others. A definite surge in the reading and verbal abilities is experienced which translates into better understanding of textual content and ability to reproduce it effectively.
  3. Better Career and Job Opportunities
    In this highly competitive world, we are looking at introducing such skill-sets to our children which will make them stand out from the crowd. Knowing an additional language or two can often be that marker. It can be that unique talent which opens up better job opportunities, aid promotion, invite more chances to travel for work and foreign transfers for work as well.
  4. Improved Communication Skills
    Multilingual children are gifted with the ability to think abstractly. That helps them with better non-verbal and verbal communication. It allows them to process information in multiple dimensions, increasing their interpersonal communication skills with a wide variety of people. Better memory, a larger vocabulary, ability to express themselves in many ways, connect to people, understand and be understood are just some of the benefits here.
  5. Increased Empathy and Cultural Understanding
    The world is becoming a smaller place. Our kids will be interacting with people from all over the world in their lifetime. Heightened language sensitivity, that comes with knowing more languages, augments their perception of people and the world. It allows for cross-cultural communication, increases cultural sensitivity and understanding, and helps children appreciate and admire the cultural differences. By turning kids into Global Citizens it allows them to see the world with “new eyes”.

The language learning journey can be arduous; however, it is fun and full of new experiences. What makes a child gifted is not only excelling at what they do but also having the ability to be curious and open to new things. If your child is young and you want to introduce a new hobby to them, or just make them better prepared for the future, you must consider starting a language learning program. Stay tuned to our blog, we will be sharing some amazing language learning resources and telling you more about the languages your child should be learning and why!

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