30+ Productive Hobbies For Your Child’s Overall Development

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Now that we understand how important hobbies are in our child’s life, we wonder what kind of hobbies should I engage them in. What options are available? Read our list of mentally and physically boosting activities for your child which make for amazing hobbies in the long run! These have been segregated into various categories. You can try to pick various activities from one group or a combination of multiple activities from various categories:

A. Fine Arts –
1. Drawing
2. Painting
3. Sketching
4. Origami
5. Pottery or Clay-Modelling
6. Handicrafts

B. Performing arts –
1. Singing
2. Dancing
3. Acting
4. Playing a Musical Instrument – Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla or other

C. Literary Arts –
1. Writing stories or poetry
2. Learning new languages
3. Reading

D. Sports based activities –
1. Gymnastics
2. Running
3. Football
4. Cricket
5. Badminton
6. Swimming
7. Chess
8. Trekking/Camping for Children
9. Yoga
10. Tennis
11. Skating

E. Digital Arts – 
1. Photography
2. Designing Websites or Games
3. Blogging

F. Others –
1. Solving Puzzles such as Sudoku/LogIQids Worksheets/Crosswords
2. Cooking or Baking
3. Sewing
4. Gardening
5. Coin or Currency Collection/Stamp Collection
6. Making Science Models/Conducting Experiments

You need to know that picking the right hobby for your child will require a lot of trial and error. There are certain activities which they might not like or maybe the place where they are learning is not the best for them. A lot of factors can influence the path to discover your child’s potential. While one of your children might be suited to fine arts, the other might excel in sports. It is not essential for them to excel at everything. The main idea is to excel at the activity they love the most. Also, hobbies should not put any pressure on children to excel only. I today’s competitive world, hobbies act as mental stimulants and relaxants at the same time for our kids. While you might want to push your child into an activity where you think they can excel, giving them some freedom and letting them develop a taste is not a bad idea either. Your help and support are what matter most at the end.

Hobbies can keep your children active and engaged. If your children do not learn and work on themselves, they can develop boredom and lethargy, which can act as obstacles to their overall development.


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