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The Perfect Tool to Stimulate Your Child’s Brain!

Do you know?

  • Every child has innate potential which can be unlocked by exposing the child to brain stimulating exercises at an early age.
  • Structured programme in basic logic, problem solving, and critical thinking, can greatly enhance a child's aptitude or IQ.
  • Not just aptitude, research shows that engaging in activities that stimulate the brain also helps a child improve academically and psychologically.
  • How LogiQids will help your child?

    LogIQids introduces your child to logical problems that enhance IQ and boost cognitive aptitude, at an early age.Our structured programme focuses on overall brain development, and presents your child with brain stimulating WORKSHEETS which are fun and engaging.Solving logIQids worksheets even for just 10 minutes a day, can have significant long-term benefits to your child

    Question: Find the odd one out from the following:

    Questions like this, help develop a child’s ability to spot visual trends / relationships in various pictures.

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